Salford Hippodrome

weetommyMy grandfather, Thomas Maguire (Stage Name: Wee Tommy Maguire), was a Musical Hall artist. He was a member of the 'The Gothams'. The three other members of the group were Americans. They were, during early years of the twentieth century, successful and high profile performers. They appeared, by Royal Commend, at Buckingham Palace and Marlborough House.

I was brought up by my grandparents and various former Music Hall people (referred to collectively as: Pros) would, from time to time, visit our house. We would often visit The Salford Hippodrome and watched the show from a box, stage right. I remember looking down into The Pit, the percussionist, sitting behind temple blocks and a huge bass drum.

My grandfather had a beautiful, and powerful, tenor voice, even though he was only around five foot three in height. This infiltrated in my memory a curious melange of only half understood Edwardian era songs. One in particular 'I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls' caused me particular puzzlement. As a child, I really could not understand why anyone would have the ambition to live in, a marble lined, front door lobby.