How The Other Half Lived

housesContrasting the sources of information now available, when compared with the past, you realize that a very high percentage of the population of Salford probably only had a slender knowledge of the life styles of more affluent individuals. Working class women working as domestics could be aware of the radical difference between the lives they lived and the expectations of the more prosperous. Tradesmen such as plumbers, carpenters, painters and decorators, gardeners, their services would be utilized, though it was likely that regard for them as individuals, would be tenuous.

I remember, as a child, being taken to visit, somewhere in Irlam, the home of a relative. It was the first time in my childhood I had actually been inside a substantial semi-detached house.

There was a large detached house opposite to Albert Park that I passed by daily on my way to school. I was very impressed, looking in though the large sash windows, by the sight of a wing-backed chair paired with an elegant standard-lamp. This impression became something of a personal ambition. A large and well appointed room, books everywhere, a comfortable, well illuminated chair, to sit down in and read.