Eleanor Maguire 1901 - 1935

nellieNellie Maguire. 'The Little Madame Patti of the workroom"* Nellie Maguire, born in Salford, was the first born of my Grandfather, singer, 'Wee Tommy Maguire'. Exactly when she commenced her own career on The Stage I do not know, late teens early twenties? From the reviews of that time and the august companies she performed with, she must have been an exceptional talent.

The poster shows her working, at The Bristol Hippodrome, a high billing, with the very high profile Sir Charles Hawtry (1848-1923) (not to be confused with 'Carry On Fame' Charles Hawtry - not his real name.) Sadly she died in childbirth before I was born. Her daughter Hillary was my cousin. Just when she quit The Stage I do not know.

She married William Garside and lived in some style in a leafy corner of Didsbury. *Adelina Patti (19 February 1843 – 27 September 1919) was an Italian opera singer. At the height of her career, she was earning huge fees performing in the music capitals of Europe and America.