The Music Village, Brussels


musicvillageThis wonderful jazz club has been very important in my jazz life and for countless other individual musicians and groups since it was first opened twenty years ago by the late and much missed Paul Huygens. l'esprit of 'The Music Village' has been continued by Paul's widow Lucie Saeys.


The current situation in this virus inflicted world is dire. I have spent a good deal of my life in and out of jazz clubs, in Europe, and worldwide. This is the chosen life style of a very significant percentage of jazz musicians. Our way of living has been put on hold. No longer the packed audience and the small bandstands. Our pleasure and theirs. Will we ever get out familiar way of life back again? At this juncture is very difficult to know. Our concerns in the face of large numbers of people dying from this foul pestilence might seem unimportant.


And this particular moment in time it is so. However, culture, high and low, is an important component in a civilized and fulfilling life style, regardless of the money obsessed might think. At some time in the future these issues will need to be addressed. Meanwhile, we must take care to stay as safe as possible. Practice hard. Listen to the music. Learn new tunes, develop more rounded skills, and look forward to whenever brighter days begin to appear over the horizon.