Pre-Chewed - Easy To Swallow


Easy listening. What is its function? The first food given to babies following on from an exclusive diet of milk is normally some smooth and macerated mélangeSmooth Jazz that will slip down easily. Though one has to admit that these preparations do at least have the virtue of being nutritious. Easy listening - slips down easily - but in general lacks the nutritional element.

I do of course realize that music affects people in a myriad of different ways. For example if I am in a Chinese restaurant I wince when the background music is some Cladermanish plonking. In an Indian restaurant I like to hear classical ragas though Bollywood film music can be engaging. Many French supermarkets are a delight - not only because of their product range - but sound of good jazz emanates from the sound system.

I have recently been looking at a intensively promoted stage in the career of an individual who it is claimed embodies the - Future of Jazz. The music though competently played is without doubt sub-Kenny G. Videos and much media attention extol the excellence of both the said individual and the music with endorsements the kind that are used to promote some new brand of cheese or similar. The reality is this is the musical equivalent of what is spoon fed to babies out of small pots.

Does it matter? I think its does. The public are encouraged to think that this is music that is both significant and iconic. It is neither. The main reason for its intensive promotion is that the marketing people think here is a bland and acceptable product out of which money can be made.