All Blues


miles"Astounded! is the only word I can use to describe my utter dismay" commented Major Clune-Longbottom (retired)

In his recent interview with the editor of the monthly journal of The Middle-Cum-Posmoor District Conservative Association, Major Clune-Longbottom (retired) recounted during a visit to see his niece - up at University studying Political Science. "Not a suitable subject for a Gal. I would have thought" observed Major Clune-Longbottom (retired)

What really appalled  Major Clune-Longbottom (retired) was seeing amongst Fiona's collection music albums one by "some fellow named Miles Davis. A most unsuitable person. I would have thought" Major Clune-Longbottom (retired) added with some conviction.

What really angered Major Clune-Longbottom (retired) was the title of the music album - A Kind of Blue - and the name of a tune - All Blues.


"This is an outrage" said the imploding Major Clune-Longbottom (retired) "To sully the respected and revered colour of our Great Party. It is bordering on profanity" Major Clune-Longbottom (retired) expostulated.

It is Major Clune-Longbottom (retired) intention to demand that the local member - Sir Sirloin-Cavery MP - should without delay introduce a Private Member's Bill to the effect that the publishers of the said music album - A Kind of Blue - should be impelled to print on the cover that there is no connection whatsoever - implied or otherwise understood - between the title of the aforesaid music album and the colour that embodies all that is admirablee about a  noble and historic political party.