Brexit Glasses


Brexit Glasses

  • Want to see the world you prefer to see
  • Be untroubled by logical inconsistencies
  • Overlook the obvious without any feeling of guilt
  • Well you need not look any further
  • The solution that can and does visually sooth and reassure

Brexit glasses, developed within our own Research and Development facility, will soon be available to the utter delight and the total satisfaction of the discerning purchaser.

Brexit Glasses will be available though our website and selected retailers. We will also be able to supply - at trade prices  - suitably vetted - by ourselves - political organizations, institutions, and similar. Detailed technical specifications are available on request.

World Map of The British Empire
Map of The World Seen Through Brexit Glasses


Brexit Glasses
One size fits all
Three strengths will be available

  1. Delusional
  2. Mildly Delusional
  3. Wildly Delusional

Prices to be announced soon.

Brexit Glasses strictly will only be available for sale within the United Kingdom

Visit our website now for more information: http://mendacity.co.uk