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You Will Never Hear Anything But English Spoken During Your Entire Stay - Our Guarantee


MonoGlot Tours LtdNever again will you have to face the embarrassing prospect of being embarrassed for the individual who is unable to speak or understand English


We have all been here. The hotel receptionist. Shopkeepers. Taxi driver. No matter what volume you empty they are totally unable to respond to your needs.

Here at MonoGlot Tours your comfort and peace of mind is our first consideration.

Throughout the countries of Europe we have established a network of hotels, owned by persons of British nationality. Also, shops, restaurants, bars, and other places of entertainment. We guarantee one hundred percent that you will only have to speak English and hear English spoken.

Moreover, special menus, English menus, with the best of English food it is our pleasure to provide and yours to enjoy. Why should the crossing of a mere twenty-two miles of water isolate you from: Bacon and Eggs. Roast Lamb with Mint Source. Meat pies. English sausages. Need we continue. Never again that unwelcome hint of garlic.

To check out available dates, locations, prices. Special rates for parties of twenty or more.

Just go to our website:


Important. Amended Clause to Our Terms and Conditions

MonoGlot Tours accept no responsibility and or the provision of refunds should the English owners of our contracted Hotels, Restaurants, Shops, and all other English speaking facilities, become unavailable, due to the deportation of the said English business owners back to the United Kingdom, having been deemed aliens, without rights of residence and employment within countries of the European mainland.



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