Johnny Griffin at The Club 43 Manchester, England


The Club 43 Manchester, England was extremely influential in promoting the appearance of live performances of American jazz musicians. Up until the later part of the sixties performances by American griffinmusicians were very difficult to arrange because of the Musicians Union insistence that there should be a reciprocal agreement: one or more American musician performs in the United Kingdom - one or more United Kingdom musician performs in the USA. Paradoxically the demand for English pop groups in the USA raised the barrier and allowed some great names in American jazz to play in jazz clubs in the United Kingdom. Ronnie Scotts grasped this hitherto unavailable opportunity. So too in Manchester did the Club 43.


Manchester at that time was the home base of many of musicians drawn in by a very vibrant local scene; a large night club scene and music consuming television studios. The 43 Club featured many of these notables particularly as backing groups to visiting international names.

Johnny Griffin appeared at the Club 43 the backing trio for the gig: Eric Ferguson (piano) Tony Crofts (bass) Ronnie Parry (drums) Listen to a steaming version of 'All The Things You Are' recorded live on tape. The track was sent to me recently by Tony Crofts.



Johnny Griffin Live at The Club 43.


All The Things You Are


Footnote: I had the good fortune to share 'The Stand' with Johnny Griffin at a jazz festival in Brussels during the early nineteen nineties. For me it was one of the high spots of my own Jazz Life.