Doom And Gloom - But We Still Have The Music


SabineReports from many parts of the globe and conversations with musicians give a definite impression that in general things are tough. Fewer gigs. Less money. A general malaise. I suppose it would be naive to expect that jazz should be excluded from the financial problems that continue to plague large numbers of people. Economic troughs - in a recognizably contemporary sense - have been a feature of life since at least the seventeenth century and so logically we can expect an upturn at some time in the future - we hope!


However, I still consider that we are a fortunate bunch of individuals - both musicians and jazz fans - we still have the music.


I caught the last set at The Music Village in Brussels on last Saturday. A very high quality rhythm section and a beautifully balanced performance from singer Sabine Kuehlich. The audience loved it. Quality music with a genuine rapport with the listeners. This is really what it is all about in the final analysis. Playing or listing to quality music and then out into the night air uplifted and with a state of mind where you can -even if only for a moment - say to yourself  "stuff the bankers ."